"Good Hurt" typically refers to the feeling of discomfort or soreness that occurs during or after physical activity, particularly exercise. This feeling is usually a sign that the muscles have been worked hard and are beginning to repair and strengthen. "Good Hurt" is often accompanied by a feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment, as it is a reminder that the body is being challenged and making progress towards improved fitness and health.

(Pain is a natural and necessary response of the body that helps to protect us from harm. It alerts us to potential injuries and helps us to avoid actions or situations that could cause further harm. For example, if we touch a hot stove, the pain we feel signals us to quickly remove our hand to avoid a burn.

Pain can also play an important role in the healing process. It helps to signal the body to send resources and nutrients to the injured area to promote healing and repair. Without pain, we might not be aware of injuries and might inadvertently cause further damage by continuing to use the affected area.)

Good Hurt... "Because Pain Is Necessary"