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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Great material and great design! Very comfortable and great to work out in.
— Noel B.
Customer reviews
I love this hoodie! It is super soft and comfy. I look forward to purchasing additional items in the near future.
— Shenay P.

Knowing that the outcome will always be greater than the hurt.

Come Train With Me

Coach T. is available by appointment only in the Woodland Hills, California area. If interested in training, simply direct message @coach_t_goodhurt on Instagram or click the button below.

Good Hurt: The Podcast

Lately our coversations have been geared around Fitness, Finances, Fashion, and Family. Not necessarily in that order either, but it's always a good time. Click the link to listen and don't forget to check out Season 1. Podcast also available on all major streaming platforms.

Match Me Or Beat Me

The "Match Me or Beat Me" card game (MMOBM) is a test of wills. Each deck comes with 52 exercise cards and a challenge coin which is used to determine the first player in the game. 

Good Hurt: The Shop

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