I had frequented TruFit Bootcamp's Friends and Family events several times throughout the years but had not yet attended one of their annual TruFit Games.  Well, this year was the year. And from the moment I arrived up until the last competitors exiting the building, the energy was ecstatic! 

Sure there was competition, I mean that's apart of these type of events are all about. But then there was the community aspect. Being that most of the events were team events, it gave athletes a chance to cheer on their competing teammates while they awaited their turn to compete.

Unlike most competitions, it wasn't about the heavyweight. If I had to sum it all up in nutshell, I'd say it was more of a calisthenic competition. Events like the rope climb, push-ups that required you to jump back and forth over teammates, and rowing for calories are just a few events that brought me to this conclusion. 

Oh, and did I forget to mention the loud music, free BCAA's from local vendors like Nutirshop of Woodland Hills, and the professional team of gym staff and judges that kept everyone safe and the show running smoothly. All in all, this was a fantastic event and I encourage you to mark your calendar for next years TruFit Games 2020. Either as an athlete or a supporter of the event, you will not be disappointed.

Visit https://trufitbootcamp.com/ for more details.

Coach T. Goodhurt
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