Saturday, July 27th, 2019

Many years ago there was no need to test ourselves for mental and physical fortitude. It was pretty simple, only the strong survived. But today with all of the advancements in technology we're allowed to live a more how can I say "care-free lifestyle." 

So when the opportunity presents itself for us to step up and push ourselves beyond our everyday activities, only a hand full of individuals answer the call. Let's take for example this weekend's Annual Strongman & Strongwoman competition held at Righteous Sports Nutrition in Palmdale, Ca. 

The event organizer and his team are in full force. In the blistering heat, there are judges calling clear for the farmers walk and yolk carry events. Weighted sleds are being pulled and athletes flipping tractor tires more than twice their weight 50 meters down and back.  

Long story short. It was 105 degrees today. The competition was at least four hours long. Respect to all the athletes that competed, staff that supported, and the spectators that cheered them on. See you again next year!

Coach T. Goodhurt
Tagged: strongman